¿Porqué comencé en la comedia en Inglés? Todo sobre mí.
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Hello my name is Tricia

and I am addicted to butterflies

You know that feeling inside? The surging excitement in your stomach when you don’t know whether to smile or be sick. Yeah, I’m addicted to that. I’ve always been an entertainer, ask anyone who’s ever met me. Though I didn’t realize it was my professional calling until a few years ago after I moved to Spain from Canada. I never imagined I could make a living off of telling jokes. So I chose the classroom instead of the stage but it wasn’t long before I realized that the two were quite synonymous. I found myself entertaining the students and quickly discovered that it was the fast track route to engaging them in their learning. One thing led to another and before I knew it, acting chose me. The journey has been wild and exciting to say the least.

Entertaining is my passion. Teaching is my art. Combine the two and the possibilities are endless. We don’t need to close our eyes to dream. The trick is to take a step forward.

Entirely useless information

  • My older sisters told me I was born left handed and while my mom claims it’s not true, it would certainly explain my inability to write in a straight line or draw a stick man.
  • I was definitely always the class clown. One time my mother asked one of my teachers if they thought I had attention deficit disorder. His reply: “no, she has attention seeking disorder.” I plead the fifth.
  • I skipped pre-school to go to speech therapy instead. Imagine that? I couldn’t speak properly. I haven’t properly shut up since.
  • It’s highly probable that I was Albert Einstein in one of my past lives. He was German and my grandfather was half German. Coincidence? I think not.