Official Language School (EOI) - Tringlish - comedia en inglés
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Official Language School (EOI)


When was the last time you knocked on a door?  Did it open? I have been knocking on doors in Spain for 8 years.  There has been many laughs, lots of happiness and from time to time some tears.

I invite you on a bilingual comedy experience where we can share my experiences and yours.  Let’s see if we can learn to open doors together.

Society says we should walk in a straight line. I say no. Knock Knock SOY YO!


Tammy, #101 from Maxim’s Hot 100 Housewives, is looking to spice up life! Her apron is tied tight and oven mitts ready to go as the special guests arrive to stir things up. Can they stop Tammy from baking her way to the number one spot?

Leave your microwave dinner in the freezer and join Tammy & Friends in the kitchen for an all original sketch comedy show that will leave you with some food for thought!