Espectáculos y Colaboraciones para disfrutar en Inglés.
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The Box


When I was a high school teacher, I asked my students: “What are your dreams, what do you want in life?” Sadly, the answer was usually “I don’t know.”

Through the power of interpretation, my desired hope it is to open students eyes to all the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. It’s time to “think outside the box”. 

Take risks. Dream big. Believe in yourself.

Knock Knock Soy Yo


When was the last time you knocked on a door?  Did it open? I have been knocking on doors in Spain for 8 years.  There has been many laughs, lots of happiness and from time to time some tears.

I invite you on a bilingual comedy experience where we can share my experiences and yours.  Let’s see if we can learn to open doors together.

Society says we should walk in a straight line. I say no. Knock Knock SOY YO!

1º ESO y  2º ESO

Grab your backbacks and join BIG kidz as they go on a hilarious adventure back to school. Not just any ordinary school, Chaos High School! Classes are cooler than recess.  The curriculum is wild, the subjects are hilarious and the teachers are a whacky mix of fun. It’s an education like you’ve never experienced before.

Created with Adrian Randle. Adrian is a lot like Peter Pan.  He’s British, he doesn’t want to grow up and he looks amazing in leotards.  To learn about Adrian, click here.