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Primary 1 to 6

Truca the Trainer, an animal loving wildlife expert, is taking a break from wrestling lions to give you a tour of the Life of Wild Conservation Park. Students share the stage as they explore the animal kingdom, environment, emotions, and more! Together we will face our fears, conquer our challenges and feed the man-eating crocodile.


Primary 1 to 6

Meet Patri the Painter, an incredibly optimistic, happy-go-lucky artist who loves exploring through art. She’s always finding creative ways to teach children about the world around them.  Join her for an interactive comedy theatre experience where the students share the stage!

Grab your backbacks and join BIG kidz as they go on a hilarious adventure back to school. Not just any ordinary school, Chaos Colleague! Classes are cooler than recess.  The curriculum is wild, the subjects are hilarious and the teachers are a whacky mix of fun. It’s an education like you’ve never experienced before.

Created with Adrian Randle. Adrian is a lot like Peter Pan.  He’s British, he doesn’t want to grow up and he looks amazing in leotards.  To learn about Adrian, click here.