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I live a vergüenza* free life.  Well, for the most partI am human so I have been known to blush from time to time, albeit scarcely.  And sometimes I do wonder if I talk too much (there is no comment section for readers who have met my acquaintance to confirm or deny this).  Though what I am certain of is that speaking has played a fundamental role in my career development.  In fact, I actually make a living off of using my voice. Amazing! 

Now I realize that not everyone thrives for the spotlight but I can say, with certainty, that having the ability to communicate in front of others has led to wonderful experiences.  I often question what some people are missing out on and how many opportunities are lost due to the vergüenza effect**

I live a dual language life and understand the challenges that come along with others watching you in your second language. We all want to be applauded, its human nature.  Sometimes thats just not the case.  Ive been ridiculed many times during my journey to learning Spanish, even on days when I felt I was doing brilliant.  

At first Id be bothered but then I stopped caring what other people thought (for the most part, still human). Which brings us here.  I have a really strong desire to help people overcome their fear of speaking too.  In English, or Spanish o lo que sea. Its such a wonderful door opening experience when our confidence becomes less touchable.  I’d love for others to experience the joy I do when speaking and am here to offer a hand if anyone wants help along the way.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to speaking with you soon!

A word used heavily in Spain to describe a feeling of shame or humility.
** A highly prominent occurrence in Spain in which an individual is fearful of ridicule and laughter, thus provoking silence.